Galapagos Islands Strategic Plan 2030

The Galápagos 2030 Strategic Plan is a planning tool that has been co-built with the community. With our ambition to work both with and for the people, we have collected shared visions for Galápagos over the next ten years. 

This Plan comprises five areas: governance, community, environment, habitat and economy. These cover the social, natural, and financial elements that will be the focus of sustained work over the next decade. The Reactivation Plan for Galápagos, issued in July 2020, which considers short- and medium-term actions to tackle the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, has also been incorporated. As planning is a continuous process, this Plan has an adaptive approach to address future uncertainties and to incorporate various possibilities that might arise in our society. 

Maintenance of our natural heritage is a fundamental part of this Plan. We seek to guarantee environmental balance and promote responsible consumption and appropriate use of natural resources. We have set new and ambitious strategic goals to address both social and environmental issues and seek to build social capital, equality and inclusion, alongside environmental protection. 

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